study on the water state and distribution of chinese dried

Effects of Monovegetation Restoration Types on Soil

The objectives in this study were to investigate effects of monovegetation restoration types on soil water distribution and balance and discuss the possible implications of the monovegetation hydrological properties for mosaic-vegetation pattern establishment at hillslope scale In 2004 the authors chose a one-piece waste hillslope with uniform slope of 12 and established four

Effect of water content on strontium retardation factor

19/09/2013They observed that R d and dispersivity (λ) increased non-linearly with decreasing water content yet water content had little effect on the distribution coefficient (K d) calculated from R d Bgin et al ( 2003 ) evaluated the retardation factor at different depths with four coarse-textured soils near an aluminium smelter through 26 unsaturated and undisturbed soil columns

Experimental study on the effect of temperature and flux

The model test samples were prepared in accordance with the Chinese specifications for soil tests (Ministry of Water Resources of China 1999) A fine sand and a silty loam were used in sample preparation to make the samples much closer to the natural state The silty loam was dried and crushed before the experiments The silt clay and sand contents of the silty loam were 64 3% 6 9% and

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These free-living forms are found everywhere - in salt and fresh water in damp earth and moss and among decaying substances they are always minute in size and like many other lower forms of life are capable of retaining their vitality for a long period even when dried which accounts for their wide distribution this faculty is also possessed by certain of the parasitic Nematodes

Determination and Distribution Study of Pogostone in Rat

Determination and Distribution Study of Pogostone in Rat Tissues by Ultra-Fast Liquid Chromatography Hai-ming Chen1 2 Lan Wang2 Xiao-li Wu1 3 Chu-wen Li1 4 You-liang Xie1 Yu-hong Liu1 Yong-zhuo Liang1 Xiao-ying Chen1 Xiao-ping Lai1 5 Jian-nan Chen1 5 Yu-cui Li 1* and Zi-ren Su1 5* 1College of Chinese Medicines Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine Guangzhou 510006 2The First

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In order to explore the impact of freeze-thaw temperature on the sputtering rate of water-saturated yellow sandstone under impact loading in this paper the Hopkinson pressure bar is used to conduct impact loading test on the water-saturated yellow sandstone at the same strain rate (74 22 s −1) under five different freeze-thaw temperatures After impact loading the yellow sandstone

Seasonal distribution of increased precipitation in

A previous study has showed that water stress decreased seed weight of soybean if the stress was applied during pod formation and filling but did not influence seed weight when the stress was applied at other stages of development (Sionit and Kramer 1977) However if water became limited at or soon after pollination seed production of soybean decreased because of embryo abortion If water

Soil Moisture Distribution and Moisture Restoration in

State Key Laboratory of Loess and Quaternary Geology Institute of Earth Environment Chinese Academy of Sciences Xi′an 710075 China Received:2012-01-01 Revised:2012-05-01 Online:2012-07-25 Published:2012-07-25 PDF (PC) 599 Like Abstract Abstract: According to the determination of soil moisture content at Shaliuhe town in the northern Qinghai lake this paper researches problems of the

Study on the water state and distribution of Chinese dried

Study on the water state and distribution of Chinese dried noodles during the drying process Author: Yu Xiaolei Wang Zhenhua Zhang Yingquan Wadood Syed Abdul Wei Yimin Source: Journal of food engineering 2018 v 233 pp 81-87 ISSN: 0260-8774 Subject: drying magnetic materials noodles nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy oils signal-to-noise ratio water content Abstract: In

Plasma metabolomic study in Chinese patients with wet

06/09/2017Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a leading disease associated with blindness It has a high incidence and complex pathogenesis We aimed to study the metabolomic characteristics in Chinese patients with wet AMD by analyzing the morning plasma of 20 healthy controls and 20 wet AMD patients for metabolic differences We used ultra-high-pressure liquid chromatography and quadrupole

Impact of vegetation coverage on regional water balance in

relationship between vegetation state and water balance would help explain the complicated interactions between climate change vegetation dynamics and the water cycle In the present study the impact of vegetation coverage on regional water balance was analyzed under the framework of the Budyko hypothesis by using data from 99 catchments in the nonhumid regions of China including the

Spatial continuity and local conditions determine spatial

1 State Key Laboratory of Soil Erosion and Dryland Farming on the Loess Plateau Institute of Soil and Water Conservation Chinese Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Water Resources Yangling Shaanxi 712100 China 2 University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing 100049 China 3 Key Laboratory of Ecosystem Network Observation and Modeling

Food and Water

access to food water and electricity for days or even weeks By taking some time now to store emergency food and water supplies you can provide for your entire family Emergency Food Supplies Even though it is unlikely that an emergency would cut off your food supply for two weeks consider maintaining a supply that will last that long You may not need to go out and buy foods to prepare an

Nelumbo nucifera

It has a very wide native distribution When dried N nucifera is also made into flour another popular use of this vegetable the rhizome quality for human consumption needs further study Storage and commercialization Currently most rhizomes are consumed fresh and it is not common to store them due to their poor shelf life performance This limits export possibilities for low

Food and Water

access to food water and electricity for days or even weeks By taking some time now to store emergency food and water supplies you can provide for your entire family Emergency Food Supplies Even though it is unlikely that an emergency would cut off your food supply for two weeks consider maintaining a supply that will last that long You may not need to go out and buy foods to prepare an


In the present study triplicate rings of 360 pipe surfaces of an operational drinking water distribution pipe were swabbed Each ring was equally divided into 16 parts for swabbing The collected swabs were grouped into 3 sections and compared with the biofilm samples sampled by sonication of specimens from the same pipe The results showed that the biofilm is unevenly distributed over the

Green tea consumption enhances survival of epithelial

A new finding from this prospective cohort study was that increasing frequency and quantity of green tea consumption post‐diagnosis may enhance the survival of Chinese women with epithelial ovarian cancer The dose‐response relationships were significant In Japan a 9‐year follow‐up study found green tea consumption was associated with a slowdown in cancer mortality and a later onset

Understanding Chinese Consumers

Department stores state-owned distribution points and wet markets dominated the retail market International retailers were allowed to enter the market in 1992 but only if they held a non-controlling stake in a joint venture with a local company Today China has a wide range of retail formats from hypermarkets and shopping malls to wet markets and online stores Choosing the right format

Research Article The Efficacy Study on Si Ni San Freeze

The Efficacy Study on Si Ni San Freeze-Dried Powder on Sleep Phase in Insomniac and Normal Rats YuefengLi 1 AngguoLiu 1 YingWang 2 andXingkeYan 1 Department of Pharmacology of Chinese Materia Medica Gansu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Lanzhou Gansu China Department of Pharmacology Dali University Dali Yunnan China Correspondence should be addressed to

Uncovering the active compounds and effective

25/05/2020Shanzhuyu (the dried mature sarcocarp of Cornus officinalis Sieb et Zucc DMSCO) is a Chinese herb that can be used for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease (AD) but its mechanism remains unknown The present study aimed to investigate the active ingredients and effective mechanisms of DMSCO for the treatment of AD based on a network pharmacology approach

Molecular diversity and distribution of anammox

Therefore in this study we collected sediment samples from five distinct sites along the river and investigated the diversity abundance and distribution of anammox bacteria based on both 16S rRNA and hzo gene analysis The potential key environmental factors influencing the anammox community in sediments along the river were identified using multivariate statistical analysis The results

Cryopreservation of spin

This study reports an alternative approach to achieve vitrification where cells are pre-desiccated prior to cooling to cryogenic temperatures for storage Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells suspended in a trehalose solution were rapidly and uniformly desiccated to a low moisture content ( 0 12 g of water per g of dry weight) using a spin-drying technique

Rehydration characteristics of dehydrated West African

22/07/2014In this study the relationship between temperature and K 2 was insignificant (P 0 05) and the values of K 2 were not always constant with temperature The blanched sun dried unblanched sun dried and blanched shade dried leaves had highest K 2 values at 28C This means that the maximum water absorption capacity of these leaves was lowest